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BIGFOOT Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

This Studio Bigfoot Halloween Costumes come with Glass Eyes, Movable Mouth, Studio Quality Hand laid hair on Head, Hands, Feet and Suit. These Halloween Costumes also come with platform shoes to bring up the height to an extra foot. Truly a one of a kind Bigfoot Halloween Costumes


The GHOUL HEAD ON A HOOKHalloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

These Halloween Decorations feature a metal-look meathook with cut-off head attached for extra gruesome effect. Leave these Halloween Decorations hanging at your house or haunted house scene and watch your victims run. 23” around head 10” long from forehead to chin.

THE BIG BAD WOLF Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

This Studio Werewolf Halloween Costumes are one of the best in the business. Halloween Costumes come complete with Hand Painted Studio Mask with Hand Laid Movie Hair, Studio Werewolf Hands, Studio Werewolf Feet, Glass Eyes, Movie Quality Hair, and Shirt.